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Lakefront Location

There are 13 available lakefront lots, each approximately 1 acre, with access to Rochester Lake.  Rochester Lake is a private 46 acre lake. The lake is an aquifer fed lake which means crystal clear waters, great for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, and fishing (bass and blue gill). Boats 16' with 40 hp or 24' pontoons with 60 hp and under are permitted on the lake.

Country Lifestyle

Rochester Lake is the ideal distance from the growing city of St. Johns, offering convenience for those who appreciate a more country lifestyle.  This is a premium area for enjoying views of wildlife like deer, geese, ducks, and swans. Sunsets and rises on the lake make everyday a dream. Harmon road is the ideal charming back country road for walking and biking. A short walk to Friendship Park makes for a great place for families. 

Custom Homes

Each lot is $80,000. Dickenson Construction, with 30 years of experience, offers custom built homes on any lot. Each lot provides opportunity for walkout basements, a wonderful feature for lakefront homes. Pole barns are allowed on properties.

Historic Area

In 1836 a Rochester, New York association purchased land here and by winter several families were settled in newly built homes. Methodist circuit riders in 1837 organized a class which became center of the three-county Mapleton circuit. In 1841 the settlement was renamed Duplain and the colonists began working for better schools and roads. The Duplain Methodist church was built in the mid 1850s as a center for community worship and still serves Sunday worship. 

~1 Acre
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